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Special Days Out

Back in July we were asked if we would go and give a little Kung Fu Demo for Jake's sister. She had organised a Summer Fair for the residents of the disabled school where she works in Essex. We are always more then happy to give our time to good causes like this as the genuine feelings of happiness you get to witness are amazing.





UK Shaolin Temple (Shropshire) held their first European Championships in Telford on September 11th 2010.

So on a very early Saturday morning we headed off bleary eyed with Shifu in the driving seat for the two and a half hour drive to Telford. It was a great day where our guys really gave some wonderful demonstrations of their skills and consequently came away with some lovely silverwear.

Well done everyone, especially Jake as this was his first time out at a competition.






Tang Long Medal Winners
Jake Chisnell (9) De Tang (tumbling form) 2nd Place
Oskar Gawron (12) Qi Xing Quan (7 Star Fist form) 3rd Place
Oskar Gawron Tai Chi Sword (2nd form form) 2nd Place
Nkosi Stoole Ba Ji Quan (8 Dynamic fist form) 1st Place
Mark Omfalos Ba Ji Quan (8 Dynamic fist form) 2nd Place
Vicente Raja (Tico) Ba Ji Quan (8 Dynamic fist form) 3rd Place


SENI 2010

We are delighted to announce that yet again Oskar Gawron won a gold medal at SENI. This time it was in the Traditional Forms Category for a great demonstration of the Black Tiger form. Well done Oskar.
The Army fitness guys were also there at SENI on the day and running a competition to see who could do the most push ups. The top adult score was 180 in two minutes. Oskar decided to have a go at this too and did 90 in two minutes winning him the prize for the best children’s score. Not to be out done by his brother Maciek Gawron (aged 5) decided to try too and he did 70 in two minutes! The judges were amazed. Well done boys.




December 2008
Christmas night out
Despite the cold we braved the elements and headed off to the Little Bay restaurant in Belsize Road.
It’'s a cozy place with quirky decor but most importantly fantastic food and very good sized portions. One thing about training is it means you can eat what you want and we all have great appetites.  It was lovely to see everyone out of their training gear and dress up.  Clean plates all round, full bellies and smiling faces. Great night by any standards.

Sponsoring a child in China
Shaolin Kung Fu is not just about the fighting aspect.  It is quite spiritual and the most important thing for us is to be able to give a little something back to those less fortunate.  It’'s not just about Karma, it’'s about doing what's right. So we decided that we as school would sponsor a child in China. That means a little bit of everyone's fees goes toward the cost of care for this baby girl.
We have done this through an agency called Cocoac which stands for Care of China's Orphaned and Abandoned Children. Heng Yan is only a couple of months old and has been taken from a state run orphanage to this organisations centre in Hunan where she is receiving great care.
So a big thank you to everyone. She is our youngest member of Team Shaolin . We are hoping that we will be able to do more in the future.

November 2008
Night out to see the ‘Shaolin Wheel Of Life
It was good to see this show back in the UK as it hadn't been here for quite a few years. I thought it might be good to organise a night out to see the show as many students had never seen it live. In the end there were 72 of us! It was very enjoyable, especially for the younger students who then realised exactly what Shifu Heng Wei has been teaching them. There were lots of excitement and promises to train hard and become like these amazing Shaolin Warriors. The funniest thing was when we were trying to take pictures of our group outside the Theatre, when a bunch of other theatre goers thought it would be good fun to get in on the act, that was until i explained that who we were and they were standing next to Shifu. Their faces were a picture. We all had a good laugh and let them be in the photos anyway.

Workshop with Masters from the Wheel of Life
Shifu Heng Wei is very good friends with the head teacher from the school in Henan where these great masters come from. As our students are going to be training with them next year we thought it would be a good idea to have a workshop where the Masters could teach our students one of their forms. They chose the Seven Star Form and gave a fabulous two and a half hour workshop.
It was a great experience for our Students to have had the opportunity to be trained by these guys as it is only something that many dream of.

May 2008
Students training at the Ba Ji School in Henan China
Some of our students bit the bullet and went off to China by themselves.  Shifu had set up a training holiday for them to attend Ba Ji school in Bo Ai. You won't find it in any of the tourist guides and we had told the guys that they would be the only Westeners there.
The Ba Ji school's head teacher is a direct decendant from the originator of this explosive form and they are absolutely passionate about it. The guys had an absolutely fantastic time and have many great memories. They loved it so much they are going back to see them again next year!
Mark (one of the students who bravely ventured on the trip) kept a diary of his experience. Click here to read excerpts from his journal.

Fundraising for Chinese Earthquake appeal
After the shocking and devastating news about the earthquake in China we decided that we would like to do something to help. The response from the students was amazing. In the space of two weeks we had raised over £500 just from donations. We were concerned about putting the money into a fund here in the UK as we wanted to make sure the money went directly to where it was needed. As  Shifu and I were returning to China at the end of May we took it with us and we donated the money directly to the Chinese Red Cross. They were amazed and delighted as once the money had been changed into Chinese currency it amounted to almost 7500 yuan!  To date we have raised just over £750 for the appeal.

April 2008
SENI 08 –- Europe's largest Martial Arts gathering.
We were asked to perform at SENI so together with the other schools that make up Team Shaolin our guys put on a great performance, which everyone seemed to enjoy. The atmosphere was fun and friendly and we met many other great martial arts practitioners there. The event was also attended by Linda Lee as the organisers had a special Bruce Lee Memorial Section which contained unseen photos and some personal objects.

For us the highlight of the day was Oskar Garon (aged 9) winning bronze medal for his 56 part form Chen Style Tai Chi.  It's hard enough at the best of times but he was competing against adults!
Well done too to Andy Lang (fellow Team Shaolin member from  the Shaolin Culture school) who came second.

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