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Children’s Class

Venue: 17 Rosemont Road, London, NW3 6NG

Shaolin Kung Fu is great for Children !

Shaolin Kung Fu is a great way for children to improve their fitness levels through a set of exercises which works on their cardiovascular system, builds strength and improves their co-ordination.  The Kung Fu is taught in exactly the same way it is in China starting with the most important basics.

The class allows each child to build their confidence and self esteem, teaches self control, improves their concentration and encourages good behaviour. Classes are structured so that they learn Kung Fu but in a friendly fun environment. We recommend that children should attend at least one class a week, ideally two as this helps to build on the skills they are acquiring and also allows them to improve.

In China all children take regular exercise before they start class each day.  They believe a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind.  In the UK we find that there is less physical activity in schools these days and the numbers of unfit and obese children is increasing at a startling rate. It has become a lifestyle where children are no longer allowed to play outside and are usually confined to playing indoors.  It is our goal to promote health and fitness for all starting with the Children and we strongly believe that by following our programme we will give them a set of skills to help improve the quality of their life.


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