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Kung Fu Beginners Class

Venue: 17 Rosemont Road, London, NW3 6NG

Shaolin Kung Fu - Beginners

Shaolin Kung Fu is made up of many different aspects ranging from traditional forms and weapons, through to animal styles, acrobatics and other fighting techniques.

Our beginners Shaolin Kung Fu classes work on the basic but essential components of Kung Fu.
Stances, Speed, Stamina, Flexibility and Co-ordination along with basic punching and kicking techniques. These are the building blocks for good Kung Fu, It is like building a house, without good foundations you will never be able to put the roof on! So the beginner’s class is one of the most important. The class enables students to develop not just strength but also discipline and self control. Shaolin Kung Fu requires time and dedication to build these skills.

We would recommend that in order for you to progress you should try to attend at least twice a week.

Forms and Applications

This class works on the similar level as the beginner’s classes but with the added bonus that some of the applications from the first two forms are shown and practiced.  It’s not only good for self defence but also helps you to understand the forms better as the movements are broken down and it becomes clearer as to what you are doing. Remember that even though the forms look good they are basically made up of different fighting techniques and this class will help you to see that.

The thing that normally gives the Shaolin Monks the ‘wow’ factor is their amazing agility and their ability to do outstanding ariel work. The acrobatics class work on teaching you to start with the simple things like cartwheels, forward rolls etc which in turn lead to no hand cartwheels, flip ups, spin kicks, jump kicks and everything else you’ve seen and associate with Shaolin Kung Fu.

This class is suitable for beginners and for anyone who wants to develop their Kung Fu skills.

Elite Training – Weapons/Forms
The Elite Training class is by selection from Shifu Heng Wei and is only available to students who have passed their first grading. Places will be offered to students who are seen to be training hard and have a good understanding of the basics, plus their ability to follow detailed instructions and their willingness to learn. These 10 week courses will teach various weaponary skills and/or traditional forms depending on the syllabus set by Shifu. Only 8/10 places are available on each course and students not successful at the time may be considered for the next course.




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