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Ba Ji Quan Class

Venue: 17 Rosemont Road, London, NW3 6NG

Ba Ji Quan – 8 Ultimate Fist Form

Ba Ji Quan  was originally used by bodyguards to protect the Emperors of China.  This particular style of Ba Ji Quan originates from Yeushan Temple in the Henan Province and is rarely seen outside China. After his training at Shaolin Temple Shifu Heng Wei went to Yeushan to study with the direct descendants of the creator of this style and is the only person in the UK teaching it.

Ba Ji delivers many self defence techniques combined with speed and power.
Baji fist is known to open the opponent's arms forcibly and mount attacks at high, mid, and low levels of the body. It is most useful in close combat, as it focuses on elbow, knee, shoulder and hip strikes. When blocking an attack or nearing an opponent, Baji quan techniques emphasise striking major points of vulnerability, namely the thorax (trunk of the body), legs and neck.



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